CONSTITUTION AND NAME. The Association of Pan American Sports Confederations, which will be named ACODEPA, is an international organization recognized by the Pan American Sports Organization PASO. ACODEPA is constituted by the Pan American Sports Confederations or Continental Sports Organizations recognized by their respective International Federation which must also have the recognition of the International Olympic Committee.


ACODEPA is a non political organization that does not have political, racial, economic or religious interests of any kind and does not accept any type of discrimination among its members.

The goals of ACODEPA are the following:

  • a) To coordinate efforts in the development of Pan American Sport, constituting a forum in which all the Continental Confederations can express their concerns and points of view.
  • b) To establish ties and further existing relations with the Government Sport authorities in the American Continent.
  • c) To link with the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), National Olympic Committees of the Americas, with the National Sports Organizations and with the Organizing Committees of the Pan American Games, with the goal of working together to achieve common objectives and especially participating in the preparation of the Pan American Games.
  • d) To reaffirm and protect the total autonomy of the Continental Confederations, especially with regard to the technical aspects within the limits of the rules of the International Federation of each sport.
  • e) To obtain the signing of agreements in order to improve the equipment to the Pan American Confederations.
  • f) Contribute in the efforts against the use of banned substances, as it is defined in the Olympic Rules.
  • g) To coordinate efforts in the fight against violence in sport.
  • h) To work towards making sport a medium for the spread of cultural, moral and ethical values, having as a guide the Olympic ideals of friendship, honor, effort, perseverance and fair play.
  • i) To maintain relations with those Continental or World associations that are similar in nature to this organizations and other International Sport Organizations.
  • j) To implement and to encourage the implementation of the Olympic Charter of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) in matters concerning them and defend the objectives of the Acapulco Charter.
  • k) To encourage information exchange through documents, books, magazines or electronically with the objective of bringing up to date and improving the technical and scientific levels of the affiliated members.


ACODEPA was constituted on August 16, 2000 in Mexico City and was legally registered under the public document of the Property Public Registry under the folio number 2827 dated September 5, 2000 in Mexico City.

Its headquarters will be located in the city in which the President of the Executive Board resides and may move to any other city if an agreement is reached by the General Assembly.

Article 4º

The official languages of ACODEPA are Spanish and English. Spanish will be the working language. In case of controversy the original version of the document or declaration.